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Lycan Runes - Silicone Firmness Samples

Lycan Runes - Silicone Firmness Samples

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These mysteriously colorful rocks hold a formidable secret - If almost by magic*, holding one in your hand and squishing it with all your might, will telepathically convey directly in your mind the corresponding firmness of Lycantasy toys!

Each set Contains 4 silicone firmness samples in assorted colors:

Firmness Spec No**
Shore 00 20 2
Soft Shore 00 30 3
Medium Shore 00 50 5
Firm Equal parts Shore 00 30/Shore 10A
These Runes are great to have if you're not sure which firmness will work best for you or if you, like us, have a secret affection for squishing things! They also make great desk decorations or fidget toys as well!

*Disclaimer: Any perceived magic of these Runes is imaginary in nature. They're just silicone sample discs in a cool shape with our logo on 'em!
**Firmness number is what we use internally when we refer to a toy firmness. It makes it easier to compare and gives a good idea of relative level of squish between options.
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