Wait time for Made To Order toys: 3-5 weeks - Wait time for Ready To Ship Toys: 1-5 days

Price Update Information

Early December, we're updating our pricing due to changes in expenses and inflation.

This will mean a small price increase on some of the items we sell. For the sake of fairness, we won't make any changes prior to our Black Friday / Cyber Monday sale - so during the sale you'll enjoy both significant discounts, and the discounts will be subtracted off the current introductory prices.

If you're looking to get your first Lycantasy silicone toy, or expand your collection, the BFCM sale will be the perfect opportunity to do so. Made-to-order toys will be available during the event at limited quantities to ensure a fast turnaround.

Going forward our vision is to design and release more body- and gender inclusive adult toys, and we have spent the past months finishing and refining several, for release in the near future - The price changes will help up keep up R&D efforts and grow as a business.

We appreciate your understanding,
SemJay, Lycantasy Founder